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Got a party or a meeting? Let us help!

We've got a wide selection of items and pricing that is bound to suit any of your party's desires. Surprise your gathering by proving your hosting abilities through the great choices at Santino's! To place an order, call the store nearest to your order destination! Find the correct number on our locations page.


Please be aware that, for catering deliveries we require your order to be a minimum of $100, and it must be placed at least 24 hours in advanced. We apologize for this inconvenience! Pickup orders are not restricted.

Your Perfect Order

Let us suggest a portion size to suit your needs. Below, you may enter the amount of people you want to feed and then select which food items to include in your catering order.

Take note this is an "estimation" for your order. When you call a store to schedule the catering order, do not hesistate to ask us if we believe this is a comfortable amount for you!

Taxes not included.

Garlic cheese bread
Gallon Drink

Order Estimation


You can never go wrong with pizza! Our pizza dough is always made fresh every morning and is never imported frozen. If you're interested in spicing the life of your order up, try one of our specialty pizzas! You can find them on our full menu. We'll package your order up in our insulated heat-trapping catering bags so your order arrives to you as if it was fresh from the oven.

Grinder Tray

When you order a large amount of grinders, we'd like to offer you an alternative to individual wrapping. We'll suggest grinder trays. Each tray will fit three whole (16") grinders on them. We'll cut them in fourths (4") so you can easily serve them at your gathering.

Gallon Drinks

Let us help solve the problem of how you'll obtain drinks to serve. Order some freshly brewed tea or pink lemonade in our gallon jugs. Let us know if you need any ice or cups. We'll provide that for you in your order.

Family Sized Salads

This salad size is your solution to groups of people who are looking for something on the lighter side. Each family-sized salad is worth six individual side salads. You choose the dressing, or tell us to give you an assorted set. Salad tongs are included, as well as six pieces of our toasted garlic bread.


Otis Spunkmeyer brand cookies. Freshly prepared for your order. Surprise your guests with these soft, delicate treats. We recommend ordering them by the half dozen or dozens, as you will receive discounts on larger quantities in these increments.


Need the perfect side for you order of pizzas or grinders? We proudly serve Zapp's kettle-style chips. They come in many wonderful and mouth-watering flavors. When you call to place your order, ask us what our favorite flavors are and what we'd recommend!

Let us know how many plates and sets of utensils you'll need. We're happy to accommodate for any party size. To see all of our wonderful food options, head over to our full menu.

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